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What we stand for

Our colors are one with the nature


Handmade wool blankets and other quality products

Wool and handmade products have always been in our DNA.

All of our designs are brought to life carefully with the best mohair wool on the market.

All our products are handwoven and handmade in Finland. All details during the process are carefully done by hand. 

Sustainable Scandinavian design

Our collections are exclusive - we only produce small quantities and do not have a lot of products in stock. This is one of the reasons why we proudly represent ourselves as ethical and sustainable.

By brushing and taking care of your product, it will maintain its softness and stay good-looking for years to come.

Our products are slow fashion at its best. They are always in style; it’s the kind of quality that never gets old.

We are happy when people are happy 

We consider it important to collaborate and work together with talented and creative people, and therefore, our employees are extremely gifted. We like to have a personal connection to all our employees and make sure all work is being done with care. 

Our goal is to make every customer satisfied with their purchase.