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Why wool has always been our choice


The benefits of wool are extremely versatile. Animals and plants produce natural fibers that can easily be spun into threads. These natural fibers are produced by a living organism and from one´s own accord and therefore are the most favorable for the nature. As well as human hair wool is also grown from follicles from underneath the skin of a sheep and is assembled by a protein called keratin.

Wool is 100 % renewable source, meaning that used wool garments will in a matter of years release valuable nutrients back to the nature (such as nitrogen, sulphur and magnesium, that growing plants will take advantage off). The decomposing of wool is faster than synthetic fiber and is hence a more sustainable option. 

Wool is extremely breathable fibre and due to the unique composition it absorbs as much as thirty time more water compared to other materials. This means that wool soak up unpleasant smells, sweat and other odors. Because wool is a extremely breathable fibre, it'll regulate your body temperature (just as the wool does for the sheep). It has the ability to transfer heat through the fibers release it to the colder and drier parts.

These are just a handful of all the amazing characteristics of wool. We at Lena Rewell Textilestudio strongly believe in sustainability, and therefore we order our wool from Laxtons. All the wool produced there is made in England.